Entry #2


2017-02-17 19:42:26 by XoundAudio

I abandoned NG a few years ago.
I had a lot going on.
I've got a lot of issues when it comes to showing people or presenting things that I've made and put a lot of effort into.
NewGrounds feels like a part of me that I want to keep safe. It's not like Facebook or Instagram or Tumblr. Those sites are like walking into a mall, or a park. NewGrounds is like when you turn on your old GBA and open up your old save files on Pokemon Ruby. 
I don't want anyone to touch that.

I refuse to neglect the things I care about though, and I care about people hearing and feeling what I present to them, so here I am using this old account to post music again. It's not going to be all my stuff, just some of it, that I feel people might gain something from. 
I'm not here anymore to indulge or enjoy myself. I'm here to share. Thank you.



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2017-02-17 21:01:19

Welcome back!

XoundAudio responds:

Good to be back. :]